VC funding reaches new peak

VC funding up new peak venture capital funding in the region, Metro New York publishing the largest number since 2001, at the end of the year and the fourth quarter, for a total of 2013. Funds invested in the New York area companies in the fourth quarter of 2013 from 1.2 billion dollars in value to 49% increase in I … Read more on Crain’s New York Mercantile
on de Blasio wants his office, and the role of municipal Scout officials already a new location in the First Lady of New York, who described himself as a “hear and the source said partner “to her husband during the campaign and the transition to the mayor. The administration has been working on … More I New York Post
on Day pathogenesis of many obstacles companies 28K in Manhattan alone with more than 28,000 employees in more than five but less than 20, according to census data, compiled by real estate firm Studley company, according to management de Blasio, and the law covers an additional 355,000 New Yorkers who do not currently 200,000 … More I Crain’s New York Mercantile

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List on from smoking-related diseases report a significant increase in the United States … President of the Tobacco-Free Kids is an advocacy group Campaign. Show a copy of this article in print on January 17, 2014 on page A15 of the New York edition under the title. List of tobacco-related diseases reported a significant increase in the United States than I New The New York Times shrouds
on Fog capital New York confirmed the World Trade Center towers in New York rises from the cover of fog in this view looking south 42 of 48 floor of a building and the street 11TH Avenue in midtown Manhattan. New Jersey in the top right corner. Girish Tewani / AP. I related … Read more about Washington Another reporter
missing on the use of a credit card in Mexico and ran the New York marathon in 2013. Last February, scouts on a camping trip to the Adirondack Mountains, he and his son built shelter like the igloo from snow and sleep well. He noted the disappearance of birds, more than 100 police officers and volunteers who scoured the I … Read more on New New York Post

Capital Playbook: Christie hires outside counsel for internal bridge probe

Employing capital Playbook Christie external consultants bridge the internal investigation Mastro, a former deputy United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, which specializes in cases of organized crime, and urged teachers suit blackmail the federal government that forced the International Brotherhood Who am I … Read more on Capital New York
on Springsteen, Fallon punch Christie in the song “password” … During the press conference to show more than one damn special, “Fallon and Springsteen singing to the tune of the classic song” Born to Run. “” I killed a man working who is trapped in the governor Chris Christie in Fort Lee, New Jersey … More I New New York Post
on “School does not” get new wrote At the same time, the third row Delina Garcia 0.8, excited at He said that the possibility of new books ready for a real lesson. “I’m bored,” he said. Additional Reports on Leonard Greene, CJ Sullivan and Lorena Mongelli. Category underDepartment … I read more more com a href = “”> New York Post

Indian 'Nannygate' diplomat files to have charges tossed

The Indian “Nannygate” diplomatic files that concern dropped Indian diplomat went to the United States, after the scandal Nannygate enmeshed in legal documents submitted Tuesday to reject calls for the charges against him so that he can return in New York, and her husband, and I am .. . Read more on New York Post
on Mets refute the report of the Japanese Dice-K is a graduate MePhe High School on Long Island and the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Joined ESPNNewYork after spending 10 years in the New York Daily News. Follow Adam on Twitter »Chat History”. Tags: New York Mets I … Read more on

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Baltimore on not to New York [explain] New York, I saw – and sometimes spoke – many legendary artists in classical music, and passion. Exercise of the Quartet in a series of famous high-rise. We are committed to all of Shostakovich CD for me. I ran into the famous … Read more
on the numbers Obamacare strong NY Director of replacement “We believe that these results show early January and wide interest and awareness among young people signing on the market, “saw Donna Frescatore, executive director of the New York State Health, today in the state Senate .. More I

Yankees Rumors: New York close to signing Scott Sizemore

The Yankees Rumors: New York close to signing Scott Sizemore According to Ken Davidoff, the New York Post, the Yankees are close to an agreement with the Minor League Player of the former Tiger Scott Sizemore and athletics. The noon-old’s 29-year-old in just two of the big league, and after 2011, tearing, and I re-open … Read more
Agency Railway to put the camera train Referee: Senators Safety Agency, Federal Railroad plans to propose a rule that could be necessary to control the trains installing video cameras on board the drivers, and the record of accidents or risky behavior, according to two members of the U.S. Senate, which prompted the change. New York Senator I read more

on brackets Business Council new Boss at the end of last year, account established by the New York Times, Mark Viverito women meeting in 2011 in East Harlem housing organization wanted to run arts center in the region. At the meeting, Ms. Mark Viverito allegedly refused to talk about … I read more more com a href = “”> Crane in New York any work
published in
/> on the since forty-five years: the Super Bowl champions Sunday is a sacred holiday of New York Jets fans all over the world. Since forty-five years, and made the center upstart team and the best players of the advertised sports history, shocking the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III, the old Orange Bowl. More on this topic … I

Worker rights advocates call for safety inspections at New York dairy farms

Workers ‘rights activists call on security checks to New York Farms meet workers’ rights activists in the editorial board of the Syracuse Media Group on Friday to push safety inspections of federal dairy farms in New York . From left to right, Jim Williams, a staff lawyer legal services of central New York and co-chair of … More I New York Gov. Cuomo “nofollow” to relax the laws of medical marijuana 2014 the owner of the State address State on Wednesday night, and declared New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo plans to ease restrictions on the use of medical marijuana so that individual hospitals to share drugs and suffering from serious diseases. More on Como … I

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Is the Knicks and Nets to the playoffs? Ian Begley, ESPN New York: Fact. As bad as the club was Jason Kidd in some cases, must make greater efforts to Brooklyn to miss the playoffs as the East Conference terrible. Even Brook Lopez, Deron Williams and I … Read more ankle William McGurn According to figures used by the IRS Travis Brown “How walks money” 1992 – 2010, saw the state of Florida a net inflow of 95.6 billion dollars in assets (income The measured rate of growth). The biggest piece, $ 18900000000 came from. . . Guess Where? New York. Com More and more I am a href = “”> New York Post posted a />
Baseball Hall of Famer new Tom Glavina talk NY Mets end: “I still hear As far as what he says has five years in New York, Hall of newly minted Famer Tom Glavina Mets desire fans that past as an end here – not just in the first knock-out game in the final match of the 2007 season, but answer me … Read more on

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On the New York Today: ease frozen New York Today: ease frozen. Annie Correal. Waiting for the train at 125th Street on Tuesday. Joshua Bright for The New York Times waiting for the train at 125th Street on Tuesday. Update 0:17. Good morning Wednesday. Temperature … I read more more com a href = “”> The New York Times (blog)
on Gabriel Snyder leaves the wire, Andrew Golis The and Snyder’s departure comes less than two months after being called to carry out sweeping reforms in the wire, the wire formerly Atlantic. Joined students from the New York Observer newspaper, Variety, Newsweek and Gawker in early 2011 and oversaw the site I … Read more on
on to New York 21 state medical marijuana OK It’s still illegal in New York to import or cultivation of marijuana crops outside the country, reports Reuters. Will be in a number of hospitals authorized to dispense marijuana is limited and restricted to the use of certain diseases, I … Read more on

Marriott Opens Tallest Hotel in New York as Demand Rises

On Marriott opens the tallest hotel in New York increases demand Marriott International Inc. (MAR), the owner of brands, including Ritz-Carlton and Renaissance hotel and open the top United States located in the city New York tourism in the city up to a record high. -68 Story tower, Broadway and 54 I … Read more on partner may suspect Brooklyn owner Menachem Stark murder Source: Debbie Egan-Chin/New New York Daily News. Rabbi David Neiderman, center, joins Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, right, in the wake of protests from the Sunday newspaper coverage of the murder of the New York Post Menachem Stark. The victim struggled with the hijackers, and I’m … Read more
on building owner was brutally murdered Brooklyn NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Police said on Tuesday in an attempt to solve a murder mysterious in Brooklyn, after the owner discovered that his brother, who died in his throat and pulled his face burned. According to CBS 2, John Slattery body … I Mahuddin Read more