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Are You Ready for Some … Nordic Voices?

On Are you ready for some … Vote Nordic? … Found in the center of the city, but many of the objections to the January 30, 2014. New York is great, big enough that the game is great – although it’s actually played in the state of New Jersey – and big enough to other things happening on the same day, but at the same time, I read more New The New York Times
12 observations New York 12-man in New York City. My shuttle from JFK to Times Square, I was shocked that the bus does not blow a tire or bend the steering wheel. The streets are very tough, with the exception of downtown Manhattan. Bad as it is in Seattle, and there is no doubt I am in the streets of New … Read more on

Donald Trump is working under New York conservatives This time, the real estate mogul billionaire, reality TV star and promoter of permanent self toying with the idea to challenge the New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, saying that high taxes and laws gun tight in a democratic state that the incumbent is vulnerable. More I

New York society rolls out red carpet for Bratton

On the New York community rolls out the red carpet Bratton celebration Police Commissioner Bill Bratton new Tina Brown of the Evening Stars tonight on Middle Street 57 small apartment she shares with her husband, Harry Evans. The list of guest stars Harvey Weinstein and the media, Gayle King, Roger, and I’m … Read more Capital New York
on rise of the fabric of New York confirmed stronger laws and greater enforcement of texting while driving, tickets, in New York jumped 82 per percent in 2013, as in 2012, records show. Outside New York City, an increase of 89 percent. New York 62 and 26 the number of counties fabric I … Read more on Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

“Of the 334 murders in New York City in 2013, it appears only 29 victims did

On to kill 334 in New York City in 2013, it seems that only the victim, 29 This is a pair of news agencies (such as CBS New York ), quoted in the story, the New York Post, which also makes similar claims, but this key phrase is a little less … “Not all of the murder cases have been solved, though this figure is higher than that,” read more Washington Last
on de Blasio text (and transparency) You know, being the king, state education commissioner spoke yesterday in Albany, and I think he said something very clearly shows the plan and vision and how to pre-K for every child who needs to be in New York City. sure I … Read more on Capital New York

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Hockey outdoors on the results of a large Rangers, Devils Fans NY (CBSNewYork) – has done it again in the history of Yankee Stadium on Sunday, but it was not anything to do with the Bronx Bombers. Rangers and Devils square off in the first NHL game outdoors in New York City. 1010 WINS ‘Glenn forks I … Read more on CBS Local
on Yankee Stadium interval hockey rink pitch Sunday game series against the New Jersey Devils is fast approaching, it’s hard not to think back to the last time also included Rangers game outdoors. Rangers defeated the Philadelphia Flyers in the clash, the people I’m bitter … Read more on ESPN

Carmelo Anthony nets 35 New York Lakers top Knicks, 110-103 Anthony scored 35 points and had four of his colleagues at least 13, and New York beat the Los Angeles Lakers 110-103 “I do not think that I just wanted to watch me play attack “on Sunday. Anthony, “I wanted to be a part of it, and they did it.” .. More I

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Temperatures drop sharply after and light snow fell light snow on Saturday, the New York area has seen a slight break from the cold temperatures before a cold front moved elsewhere in the region. Will the Arctic cold front is moving in the area on Saturday evening and temps will sharply. Wind chills I … Read more on NBC New York
on picture shows incredible how cold is already to New York picture shows incredible how cold is in New York. Screen grab Nicholas Stango. According to Gizmodo, a scene recorded by Nicholas Stango seen in the East River in New York froze Pier 1 in Brooklyn visible pitch. The first video … Read more on

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Name on Washington Post, The Washington Post reported on Friday that it will launch a political initiative unnamed after Jim Tankersley political edge projects This spring helmets economic policy reporter Jim Tankersley. The project focuses on feeling the effects of public policy, as well as the existing office and I … Read more on Capital New York
on everyone to New York wear black and really shows the photo’s image published in the newspapers and on television and on the Internet, shows that during the station was crowded two hours late on Thursday night, and that has caused problems in the signal. It also shows that nearly all the dresses blacks in New York City. More I ABC News (blog)
Digital a lot of shortcomings New York Business Customer Review 5C Apple iPhone display during startup Company hardware store in New York on 20 September 2013. New Yorkers love their mobile devices, but a study conducted by New York-based company is still serving when I … Read more on New New York Business Journal

First Brooklyn VC fund reaches milestone

The first Brooklyn venture capital fund reaches milestone Although the company’s headquarters in Brooklyn, is looking to invest in start-up companies in all parts of New York City. “We see this trend on the West Coast as well,” said Mr. O’Donnell 0.34 “For me, it’s about being close to the talent base.” The new capital Read more … I Crain’s New York Mercantile
on screaming against the east side, the mayor acknowledged the efforts of snow removal fell short and anger also calls for the suggestion by some that the mayor Bill de Blasio and Brooklynite populist, sent the message was not the center of Manhattan in New York City universe. Whispers turned to screams, amplify GPS map refers to the city and I am … Read more New The New York Times

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On Vornado Realty looks forward to selling the first Park Avenue. Tower (AFP) – Vornado Realty Trust plans to sell the first Park Avenue. Office building east of Herald Square in New York, said three people familiar with the IPO after nearly three years, saved the building from potential default. The property is … More I Crain’s New York Mercantile
on “killer” father only hours away from the border, when he won and authorities were able to zero in on the killer by tracking his mobile phone, which uses Apparently several times to call the contacts in Mexico frantic campaign from Texas to New York. Once the general location of the authorities Mejias, Ramos, 28, of … I read more New York Post
on grit, grime and graffiti Christopher Morris New York Subway, 1981 New York is a very different place in the 1980s. Across America and the world, it was the news that is full of crime, the capital of dirty – a lot has changed in the mid-twentieth century, the bustling main. It was clear in any place I … Read more on TIME

Man, 84, Hospitalized After Being Ticketed for Jaywalking in New York

Man on , 84, hospitalized after Jaywalking ticket New York New York man aged 84 years who is in the hospital in the end, after he’s jaywalking ticket on the Upper West Side, was charged Sunday with the disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and prevent the government administration, law enforcement … Read more for me to com a href = “”> Wall Street Journal
on Otis Pike, New York in Congress, the former Long Island, die 92 Otis Pike, former president of the New York Democratic Representative, died Monday in Florida. He was 92. Spear died in a hospice in Vero Beach after a long struggle with the disease. Related links: ‘public life GIANT “I was … read more mourned New New York Daily News

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On the New York Naughty Show (perhaps to avoid the front row) confirmed shenanigans of intimacy shake every fan of nudity in the theater exhausted boredom. During the game, showing off-Broadway care of the new group, and certainly the most licentious stage show currently running in New York. The game has three suburban family I … Read more on Daily Monster processions
on Miss New York the United States and Miss New York State University of New York at the age of adolescence, the United States, which contract .. . Shopping – Beauty Queens in New York on Westchester today in the annual Miss New York USA and Miss New York Teen USA beauty pageants. And hold rallies in each of SUNY Purchase, and dozens of students involved … I’m more News 12 Westchester